Cummins Turbo Actuator Holset 6.7 HE300VGT OEM REMAN Comes Calibrated Dodge

Nov 4th 2022


If you own a Dodge Turbo Diesel Truck from 2007 to 2019 you may have experienced a faulty Turbo which ended up having to replace the Turbo Actuator, The Turbo Actuator HE300VGT & HE351VG if the brains behind the engine Power without this small electronic device that attaches to the Turbo Charger Your truck has little acceleration as expected from such a Powerful Truck, With its Variable Geometry this powerful brain sets specific driving power parameters if your having issues with your Dodge Cummins Diesel turbo Charger /Actuator ,checkout they remanufacture this product which includes Turbo Actuator Calibration so Install is Plug and Play ,