Re-Manufactured Duramax LLY Fuel Injector Control Modules - Bringing Back Life to Your Vehicle with OEM Quality

Apr 22nd 2023

Are you struggling with a faulty fuel injector control module (FICM) in your Duramax LLY engine? You are not alone! There are countless vehicle owners just like you who want excellent quality and reliability from their FICM, without spending extra on buying new. Introducing the re-manufactured Duramax LLY Fuel Injector Control Modules by Auto & Truck Electronics. With our precision re-manufacturing process, we ensure the quality of our products while saving you money and keeping the environment clean. Say goodbye to new inferior China clones and hello to regenerated OEM quality, with our range of rebuilt Duramax LLY FICMs, that are compatible with the following part numbers and others : - 0281011134 (LLY) - 97303751 (LLY) - 8973037511 (LLY) - 8973037513 (LLY) At Auto & Truck Electronics, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch service, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality, and an affordable alternative to purchasing a brand-new FICM. Our website,, offers exceptional customer support and easy access to our wide range of re-manufactured products. Why choose us for your Duramax LLY FICM needs?

1. Worldwide availability: With our global shipping services, we cater to customers from all corners of the world. No matter where you are, we make sure you get the highest quality product delivered to your doorstep. 

2. OEM quality assurance: Don't compromise quality for affordability. Our re-manufactured fuel injector control modules undergo meticulous testing and quality inspection processes to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly without any performance issues.

3. Cost-saving: Re-manufacturing is not only eco-friendly, but it also saves you a significant amount of money compared to purchasing new FICMs. 

4. Expertise: Our dedicated team of experts has years of experience in the diesel engine industry, ensuring premium quality re-manufactured components for your LLY engine.

5. Exceptional customer support: Our team is always accessible via the website and our contact channels, should you need support or assistance with your order or product inquiries. Don't let your vehicle lifespan be affected by low-quality FICM clones. Trust Auto & Truck Electronics for the best re-manufactured Duramax LLY Fuel Injector Control Modules available on the market. Visit now and choose the right re-manufactured Duramax LLY FICM for your needs, and experience the difference OEM quality can make for your vehicle's performance!